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Entertainment Activities

Marionette Show
Rajasthan is famous for the shows of Marionette, the hotel have the artist who are performing their show during the night time under the stars. The show has become a necessary part after the meals.

Baggi Safari
In olden times the royals used to go on Royal Baggi driven by four white horses for the entertainment or to the lakes during summers. We have continued the same tradition where we give Royal Baggi Safari (On request) to our guest from the hotel to the nearby palaces where they can see the nearby surroundings and can feel the beautiful atmosphere of the calm/quiet area of the city.

Rajasthani folk dance
A great attraction of Rajasthan is the Rajasthani dances. Bringing alive the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the dancers present a wide variety of amazing dances. Each and every region of Rajasthan has its own unique style. But the hotel has its own artists who perform their dances in the evening time. The show has also become a necessary part after the meals.